Repository System for schools, fab labs & makerspaces aligned with the Sustainable Development goals

Publication SDGzine #03 : Good Health & Well-Being

About the SDGzine

Collaborative publication and projects on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

why the SDGzine

  • Building an SDG-conscious ecosystem
    • Partners, people and projects
  • SDGS & innovation
    • Helping companies and organisations innovate while aligning with the SDGS
  • SDG acceleration
    • Repository of concepts from the Master program at the SDG Solution Space 
  • SDGS & Fablabs
    • Linking makerspaces and fab labs to the SDGS
  • SDGS & Education
    • Create programs for schools to add SDGS to the curriculum
  • SDGS & art & design
    • Thought provoking concepts from artists, designers and other creative thinkers
  • Accelerating talent
    • Showcasing projects creating sustainable change
  • Tools & inspiration
    • Sharing best practices, exhibition concepts  & hands-on tools

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