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Humanitarian Projects

The humanitarian projects aim to address challenges to help fragile communities worldwide, give a chance for education for children and adults, alleviate poverty through education, and promote equality. Each project corresponds to targets of Sustainable Development Goals promulgated by the UN under the Paris Agreement to mitigate climate change by 2030. Though, to align with these goals, we should efficiently put our efforts into human and social development to reduce inequalities, and reach each and every one suffering from violence and armed conflicts, natural disasters or sanitary crises. We plan to implement educative solutions with the concept of DIY with tools and/or technology, and adapt the activities locally in the humanitarian settings. 

Do you want to be a part of the plan? Do you want to share ideas and contribute in bettering the world?  

You can share current or future activities on the platform and they can be developed to create real sustainable change and/or help where needed.

Bus Ya Furaha.

Bus Ya Furaha, in collaboration with Addictlab and GCSB Lab, is an interactive and innovative educational project conceptualised for children in the ages of 8-15 in Kalobeyei settlement and Kakuma refugee camp. Becoming the ice cream van of education, we aim to increase opportunities for refugee children. Our activities will be classified into four categories: Environment, Sports, Arts and Technology. The pilot will be first located in Kalobeyei settlement, reaching to 80 children from two schools. For more information, you can contact us at

The SDGzine.

The SDGzine is a Addictlab initiative to document best practices on the Sustainable Development Goals, create awareness and develop tools. More information can be found on Should you want to help out on the next issues, register in and join the SDGzine projects.

The Emergency Schooling Kit

This kit is ready to use and is a set of Do it Yourself product tools provided to children in the camps or school areas to continue follow with their education despite the humanitarian crisis. It is easy to use with an appropriate guideline for educators and adapted to children of different age groups and knowledge. With the idea of transformational education, the children gather their own strengths to realize their ideas and make innovation when they need to, in the way they want to. The SDG Fablabs and the Addictlab are open for collaboration with NGOs and international organizations and can ship our boxes when an area is in need for emergency schooling.

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